Still experimenting with gumpaste:
Butterflies painted with gel color and some luster dust for extra sparkle!

Still experimenting with gumpaste:

Butterflies painted with gel color and some luster dust for extra sparkle!

  As I’ve mentioned before in my posts, I nanny.  I often like to include the girls in my baking endeavors because kids love to help out in the kitchen…especially when it involves cake, icing, licking the bowls, etc.  So, after doing dozens of baking projects, one of the girls (an 11 yr old who is obsessed with cake!) asked if I would make her a cake for her 5th grade graduation.  Her specific demands were: Bright/rainbow-like colors, flowers, and vanilla cake with buttercream frosting.  After doing a bit of thinking, I decided to retry my hand at the whole gum paste flowers thing and, clearly by the looks of the picture, I got carried away and made too many flowers haha.  

The great thing about gum paste, though, is that they keep for months in an airtight container, so they wont go to waste…

…Anyways, I covered the cake in buttercream and then decided to use as many of the flowers as I could around the outer edge, piped the message in royal icing, added a gum paste grad cap, squeezed some more flowers up on top and Viola!  The perfect, girly grad cake! 

The 5th grader looooved it and her parents went nuts over it.  To this day there is a picture of it hanging in her room (:

Thank you SO much for the recipe for the Strawberry Lemonade cupcakes! I intend on trying those very soon!
And you're quite welcome.

No prob (:  Let me know how they turn out!


Thanks girl!  And yes, I would love to share!

The strawberry cake is from Smitten Kitchen (the site I mentioned in my post); Its called a Pink Lady Cake.  I just divided the batter into cupcakes and lowered the cooking time to around 18-25 min (or until a toothpick comes out clean.)  The frosting is just a classic buttercream (I like this one because it doesn’t use shortening..too oily, yuck haha)  To make it a lemon icing, I added fresh lemon zest in cycles as I mixed, but if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of buying and grating lemons you can just use lemon extract (by the teaspoon) mixing and tasting until you think it’s worthy of the ‘lemonade’ title.  When the cupcakes are completely cooled, you ice them and then enjoy.  Its the perfect summer cupcake!

Hope that was helpful aaand thanks so much, again, for the reblog (:



Oh my goodness these are such cute cupcakes!
Would you mind sharing your recipe for the strawberry lemonade cupcakes? I think those would be WONDERFUL. 

  Let me begin with the fact that I am in love with Smitten Kitchen!!!  I often spend countless hours just pouring through the hundreds of recipes for tips, inspirations, challenges, etc.  One of my favorite things on the recipes page is the fact that she has separated cakes into 2 categories: Everyday Cakes and Celebration Cakes.  Since I had been focusing so much on the decorating aspect of baking, I realized that I should dedicate time to the actual cake.  And so my journey into the Everyday Cakes section began!

The first cake I tried was this Raspberry Buttermilk Cake.  It was soo easy, and the batter was perfect for any kind of fruit…so I started thinking…

…and I ended up using all of the different fruits I had on the counter and in the fridge.  Finished products were a raspberry buttermilk cake, a banana and almond cake (I switched the raspberries to bananas, changed the vanilla extract to almond and then added freshly toasted almonds to the top), and a strawberry mojito cake (I changed the raspberries to strawberries and sprayed the finished cake with a lime juice, sugar and mint syrup that I boiled together.) 

I gave the mojito one to my roommate because she could nottt stop eating it hahaha

  The next recipe I tried was one of Ina Garten’s recipes for a Lemon Pound Cake.

 Its a pretty basic “cake with glaze” recipe but it has a key step that most cakes leave out: drizzling of syrup.  This issss 100% why this pound cake is the smoothest and most delicious lemon pound cake you will ever have.  After the cakes are turned over and cooled on the rack, you spray or drizzle a boiled syrup of fresh 1/2 cup lemon juice and 1/2 cup granulated sugar; this keeps the cake suuuper moist and adds an awesome tartness to offset all of the sugar from the glaze you eventually drip on top of the cake.

  From now on, I will be trying and bake 1-2 new cake recipes a month, not only for practice but also, I think the people I bake for will be happy to have some new flavors in the mix (:

   As promised, heeere are a couple of the fun cupcake ideas I experimented with during my Tumblr hiatus!

First, were my Easter Sunday cupcakes for a lunch with my fam.  Just a basic vanilla cake with buttercream frosting; however, what set them apart were these awesome Easter basket cupcake holders made by Wilton!!  To complete the look I just dyed the buttercream green, added some gumball eggs, and borrowed some of the gumpaste flowers (premade gumpaste that I dyed with gel food color, rolled out cut and dried.) that I had already made for the cupcakes in the next picture (:

The next picture was a very special batch of cupcakes!  I baked these to celebrate an Alumni ceremony -for a dozen or so- of my sorority sisters.  One of Phi Mu’s national symbols is the quatrefoil and our colors are rose and white; I wanted to find a way to use all of these and, after much consideration and experimentation, I decided on a Strawberry Lemonade cupcake!  

Its your basic strawberry cake recipe (this was the pink part…), but the buttercream icing got a kick of fresh lemon juice and zest (…and this was the white (: )I think this just mayyy be my favorite recipe for the summer!  As for the quatrefoils, I ended up using royal icing (just the same royal icing that I used for the center of my gumpaste flowers and for piping the girl’s initial) to pipe out the shape onto parchment paper; after the icing hardened, I carefully lifted them off with a spatula and onto the flowered cupcake tops.  The cupcakes turned out really bright and girly and fun aaand,  judging from how quickly they were gone, I would say they tasted just as yummy as they looked!

Such a cool idea!

Such a cool idea!

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I’m Back!  

Somewhere in between finishing up my Biology degree and full-time nannying (and, honestly, just being plain out lazy most times..) I managed to neglect this blog and anyone who has been so kind as to follow me on my journey through the baking world.  I would like to apologize and hereby by state that I will, never again, go this long without posting!

Good news is, although I wasn’t sharing it here, I was definitely still baking.  Since my last post, I’ve tried my hand at gum paste flowers, homemade pretzels and pound cakes, to name a few; I’m proud to say that I have been very successful (with tons of help from Smitten KitchenBakerella and  Epicurious!!) Onlyyy now I have three months worth of things to share with everyone…hahaha but fear not!  Yes, these nexts few posts will be dedicated to catching you up on my experiences from April to July, but I promise to keep them short and sweet —with mainly pictures (:

It feels good to be sharing again aaand I hope you guys stick with me because I’ve got some pretty cool things planned for the next couple of months!

Was feeling more organic today haha Soon as the pup was taking a nap, I took advantage and spent the afternoon in the kitchen.  Used a tweaked version of my grandma’s meringue icing (Its Fat Free *gasp) and some homegrown limes that a family friend so thoughtfully gifted to me.  Definitely nottt the prettiest cupcakes, but they are some of my tastiest.  Best part were the meringue puffs I made with the leftover icing!!  Yum.